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Food & Drink trends for Halloween 2023

Food & Drink trends for Halloween 2023

We researched and gathered some interesting food & drink trends for Halloween 2023 which could be of interest and spark some inspiration this season whilst keeping your costs down whether you’re in catering events, food-to-go and takeaways, pub, or restaurant. 

1. Just add a little ‘spooky’ twist

First off, food is always a great start whether you’re a bakery, takeaway, bar, pub, and restaurant or simply planning a Halloween party. A great tip is to simply add a little ‘spooky’ twist on your existing food offering rather than introducing lots of new Halloween recipes which will save you from having to source in lots of different ingredients according to this article by Amy North, at British Baker.

2. Halloween recipes on a budget

Then again, you may want to head to the BBC Goodfood website for mouthwatering Halloween recipes which you can do on a budget – take a look at the scary pancakes, mummified garlic bread (perfect for takeaways!), spider web chocolate doughnuts and spider biscuits to name a few!

How about these Halloween stuffed peppers which would work well as a centrepiece if you’re catering for a corporate event or a private party.

3. Sustainable food & drink packaging for Halloween

 With the recent ban on single-use plastic cutlery effective 1st October, takeaways and food-to-go retailers alike must now source eco-friendly alternatives, such as:


  • or sustainably sourced plant-based cutlery. For instance, our newly introduced range of ‘Bagasse’ cutlery is made of 100% sugarcane fibre and is fully biodegradable and compostable.

4. Nostalgia driven fun dining experience

As per this article on LinkedIn, it’s been noted that the current cost of living crisis has driven consumers to seek solace in a more affordable and soothing dining experience reminiscent of the good old days and referred to as ‘Nostalgia-driven fun dining’. Hence, you may have noticed a resurgence or a rise in comfort-centric recipes, pub and restaurant furnishings, or pop-up novelty food-to-go…

 5. Edible cocktail garnish for Halloween

Whilst edible garnish is not a new concept, this article from Egg Soldiers highlights this trend that comes to us from the Far East which provides ghoulish ideas for Halloween cocktails, and I quote:

‘For Halloween 2023, many cocktail makers will continue to push boundaries with garish garnishes, eschewing inedible additions to minimise waste while increasing value perceptions, delivering on novelty, and broadening the overall sensory experience.

Think edible 'body parts' slowly dissolving in bubbling cocktail concoctions; elaborate 'mushroom' garnishes as part of psychedelic-themed creations; 
mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns delivering tongue-tingling sensations from cocktail glass rims; and edible insects causing a right stir.’

          Image source @theblackantnyc

 Click here to read this maddeningly entertaining article!

6. Halloween themed tableware on a budget

Needless to say keeping costs low is a priority when sourcing catering and event supplies this season, so you may want to browse our Halloween supplies for special deals if you’re looking for Black goblets, straws and paper cups for instance, or a range of coloured table covers and napkins, along with coloured reusable barware to create an ‘eerie’ Halloween feel!



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